Hi I’m Anastasia Trefusis, welcome to Dress Up Dolls, a new blog of great finds in Second Life (from freebies to splurges) and amazing places around the grid.

For my first post I found a trio of monochrome outfits made up of new finds. Some free, some not but all great additions to any wardrobe.

First Look

  • Dress: Parallel Love Camisole Dress ::Dot:: (August Group Gift)
  • Hair: ++AY.LinE++ Ran in Sesame (Lucky Board)
  • Skin – [Rockberry] Uma (Dog Days of Summer Hunt gift at Fusion Sims)
  • Shoes: COCO Ankle Wrap Wedge (Summer Choice Prize)

Second Look

  • Corset – Kotolier Shimicami (Albero Summer Fair) L$20 each or 3/L$50
  • Pants: Armidi Brindisi Slacks (L$225 and worth it, a wardrobe staple)
  • Shoes: Dilly Dolls Mollies (L$100 awesome colour change shoes)
  • Hair: ++AY.LinE++ Yuri in Sesame (Lucky Board)

Third Look

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