50L Friday Week 11

50L Friday October 16 2009

Unless you have been living under a rock in SL, you will have heard about 50L Friday.    The list of participating vendors has been growing from week to week.

This week I couldn’t resist the Cuddle Maxipull in hot pink from Fishy Strawberry, and of course the pink Swan Lake leggings to match. The hair is Clawtooth by Clawtooth‘s offering this week, A Little Lift in Blinding and Pipi, it’s retro and fabulous. All the poses are from LAP, who have 2  packs out, one for men and one for women. The purple vest is the Tea Hawks Vest from Whippet & Buck.

Items I didn’t pick up (yet) include a gorgeous retro lamp and dress from Artilleri, A Halloween outfit from Kookie, brown leggings from So Many Styles, a purple top and pants from l’Abel (no picture though so I passed) and some beautiful tatoos from Silent Sparrow. Ty Zvezda has a pink and black dress and matching bag. This is a Fawn offered an exclusive orange plaid version of their Caulfield dress and Ira sweater in aubergine. With so many items to choose from there is sure to be something you need to have!

Hurry and pick up your 50L favourites, they’re only out until midnight!

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