A Quest for Flesh Hunt

Exodi Halloween Hunt

Creatures of the night and lovers of all things ghoulish… this hunt is for you!

There are an abundance of Halloween hunts on the grid right now, but none as simple and with as great prizes as Ryker Beck’s hunt at Exodi.  At the TP point, click the sign for your taxi to an amazing Halloween build in the sky.  Once there, click the candies spawning all over to collect the goodies. Some contain only candy, but there are 23 gifts to collect, including skins for men and women and some truly creepy eyes.

I have shown only 6 of the prizes here, 3 skins and 3 eyes.
From left to right: Lily Dove “Death Becomes” skin and Eyes of Wrath in Bewitched,
Lily Vamped “First Blood” skin with Eyes of Wrath in Made of Glass, and on the right
Lily “Sometimes Dead is better” skin with Eyes of Wrath in Trapped in Amber.

The background image is Ryker’s amazing build which is great to wander around, especially if you dress for the occasion!

Hair: Tiny Bird “Precious Things” in Stein Silver (tinted) Dress: PixelDolls Marie
Poses by AnaLu’s *fresh poses*

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