Having Fun Mixing and Matching!

Mixing and Matching!

Hi All!! 😀 Im the New doll Rbk!! and Im just ready to bring you some goodies and show you a bit of my weird personal style…. Ok so here i go!!

This look is a lil of mix and matching a bunch of things…. all my accesories were free.. i did the easter Hunt this year and i got those fabulous Items….:) the dress is From Pididdle  i found it on the Albero Autum fair, My leggings are from Ohmai, and the Boots are from a closed store called  NoLabel… So this is my look for the day… hehehe!! 😀

YAY!! for the dress up Dolls!! 😀 hope u guys enjoy it!! Oh… Rememeber u r the cherry on top of the ice cream when it comes to personal style…so Just be confident about what u r wearing and that will do it!!

* Hugs*          Rbk!

Hair, Junwave -Shell snail-*PIONE*

Dress & Earrings; Pididdle– Dres (Tee Dress-dried Flowers *Teal*); Earrings( Blob Earrings)

Leggings, Ohmai -Basic Sheer Leggings *CONCRETE*

Skin; Pink Fuel– Raine <Honey> *Astronaut*

Boots, NoLabel – Closed store 😦

Shades & Bracelets; Shade Throne

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