Ready for Fall


This summer a blog post on SLEX and the CITY led me to a shop called Hiyori, basically a little booth with some very nice and inexpensive clothes. Last week I went looking for them again, and found they have a second, larger location and some great fall clothes.

These pieces just suited my mood today with the weather cooling, and best of all the most expensive thing I found at Hiyori was L$80, for a whole outfit. The pieces above range from 20L – 50L and come in a choice of colours and textures. There are scarves, berets and some cute jewellery pieces too. (not shown)

At the Charhan Island location there are less items for sale, but there is a hunt prize and a dollarbie, and there are 2 jewellery dollarbies at the Americamura store.

Check out Hiyori for some cozy fall pieces you can mix and match, that won’t break your budget!

Also shown: Hair Tiny Bird Lola in Brownie, currently 50% off!
Curio Lovely Skin in Pure 3 and Maitreya’s Dune boots in black.
Necklace is from Miriel, sadly no longer open.
Pose: [LAP] Long Awkward Pose

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