Everything Free?

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Yesterday I was stunned to receive a notecard from Rachel Boramin of Vignette and In Her Shoes. In the note, copied from her blog, she says that she has decided that all of her creations and all future releases will be FREE! Yes, all shoes and hair currently at her stores, and all her new creations will be absolutely free to benefit SL residents. Vignette is known for it’s retro hair styles, and there are quite a few styles to choose from, take as many colours as you feel you need. The shoes at In Her Shoes are also free, and there is a range of styles, from the cozy knitted boots you see here to the cute dotted heels which make me think of  Minnie Mouse! As I am sure everyone remembers, shoes are one of the hardest things to find as a new resident. At least nice shoes that don’t bling!

There is a tip jar so if you like what you get please thank Rachel for her generosity!

Details: Hair FREE at Vignette Shoes FREE at In Her Shoes
Skin not free 5th & Oxford previous group gift Audrey
Pose by [LAP] Long Awkward Pose

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