Blog Tiny Bird, Elate, Zaara Oct 28 09 Caramel

Today’s look was inspired by the cute little dress, it is Elate!’s prize in the Sunny Sim Halloween hunt, hurry there are lots of goodies there! I added Tiny Bird’s Hair from 50L Friday, a gorgeous Parnini amber necklace from Zaara. My leggings are from Malt and came with the Roxy Dress. To finish things off, my go-to flats are these Mollies from Dilly Dolls. They are colour change and I love them so much. My skin is also a Halloween treat, from Atomic’s pumpkin hunt, it’s Bailey Porcelain in Pumpkin of course!

Blog Tiny Bird

On the left is the 50L Friday Hair from Tiny Bird, Chelsea Hotel in Brownie. The hair on the right is Tiny Bird’s prize in the Sunny Sim hunt, last chance to get down there and get the goodies. The mast is colour change! ❤

What are you waiting for? It’s nearly Halloween!

Poses from [LAP] and Elisa.

Background texture from

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