Trapped in the 80s!

Trapped in the 80s hunt

The Trapped in the 80s Hunt began today! Search for the vinyl record in 30 stores to take home lots of 80s themed goodies!  Begin the hunt at Intruige, and follow the links from store to store. If you need hints check the blog, but the records were very east to find!

Items shown include colour change Lego seat from Mudhoney, breakdance ghetto blaster and cardboard mat from Agent Orange, Rubik-Brite from Intruige, sneakers from Duh!, outfits from A-Bomb and xtc, accessories from b.nuts, Taboo and Shade Throne. The large vinyl record is from Concrete Flowers and plays Hits of the 80s!

Other amazing prizes include a fabulous AO with lots of MJ moves, a sofa from Republica and lots more great 80s clothes for women and men!

Non hunt items: Hair: Atomic Creepy Josie from the Halloween hunt
Skin: Curio Lovely II in Petal Dark Finch 2
Poses: [LAP] Long Awkward Pose

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