French Lemon Head

French Lemon Head

DUN DUN DUN, its my first post on Dress Up Dolls! I promised myself I had to do a post before my birthday and here I am in all my weirdo glory.

The dress I’m wearing is from StoRin. Isn’t it adorable? The skirt is sculpted and the dress comes in different layers. What does this mean? I’ll tell you! You can wear the pieces how you see fit and I just happen to think that is really awesome. Check the outfit I did HERE. So I get to prance around and look classy in my Flowey dress or change it up and add some funk to it 😀 Cool huh? Say its cool or you are DTM >:O And if you don’t know what DTM means, its DEAD TO ME!

Hair: Bonjour Operator, Kit Kat – lamb!
Skin: Dinah in Fall, Pastry, Ghost – Tyranny Designs (On sale)
Outfit: Flowey Dress, *blue/gold* – StoRin
Shoes: Periquita ChickyChic Pumps – Periquita

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