Reek Winter Gifts!

The talented Riq Graves of Reek has an amazing holiday gift for his subscribo members! If you are in the group, you may already have this, if not head over to Reek and hit up the subscribo.

Look in the history and choose Free Winter Gifts. Go home or to a sandbox and open the object to obtain your Rex and Wear Gift Giver attachment. Then it’s back to Reek – wear the gift giver and click the boards to receive your amazing 25 prim igloo and the snow wall with snowballs.

As you can see in the pictures I have it set up at home and  the polar bears Nanook and Ursus are already trying to figure out a way in! (They’re not so bright) Meanwhile Venison and Renskav are holed up behind the snow wall, ready to defend their delicious prims should the bears give up trying to nom me!

The igloo is texture change for day or night versions as shown here. The sculpts and shadows are so well done, I can’t rave enough. I know we’ll see quite a few of these around the neighbourhood!
(Animals, campfire, trees etc not included – provide your own silliness and enjoy!)

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