REBEL, REBEL – 5th & oxford

Roslin Petion of 5th & Oxford was kind enough to drop her latest clothing release on me before Christmas. I have been a big fan of Roslin and CJ Carnot, her business partner, since I first started in Second Life. The first skin I ever bought was from their Tête à Pied brand, and I still have all my Fleur skins too.

Just like their beautiful skins, the clothing is beautifully hand-drawn. The textures are lovely and all the layers are provided, so they are easy to mix and match into your wardrobe. This line is a more casual look than we have seen from them in the past, but I know the denim minis in particular will be a staple in my wardrobe. The tee shirts and halter seen above each come in 5 colours, and the denim mini comes in 4 colours (3 shown).

In addition to the Rebel Rebel line, 5th & oxford have their beautiful skins, a line of elegant lingerie, and even some home decor items. The very latest release are leather gloves in 3 lengths and 8 colours. Last week’s 50L Friday item is still up too! 2 tee shirts with a tatoo design. Not sure how long it will be there for, though, so hurry!

Clothing: Rock Royalty T, Rebel, Rebel Halter, Punk Princess T – L$100 ea
Rebel, Rebel Denim Mini – L$200 ea
Skin: 5th & oxford Audrey (former group gift, no longer available)
Hair: Tiny Bird Millionaire in Pepper with matching headband.
Shoes: Stiletto Moody Bare Ava (colour change set)
Poses: Long Awkward Pose [LAP]

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