Designers United – Vaudeville – Last Day!

My apologies for the hastily tossed together post, but it’s late. I finally got to Designer’s United and was so impressed by the designer’s creations inspired by Vaudeville. I left Ana there so I can sneak a last peek in the morning before the items disappear!

3 things I could not resist tonight were the Madsy DU3 Vaudeville Cropped Jacket in Night, mijn.t’s [Cirque du Ballet] Bodysuit and gloves in black, and the DU<3 Vaudevillian Shoes by Anexx. I know the shoe pic is weird with the chopped off feet but I really wanted to show the detail and texture on these shoes.

There are tons of other beautiful things there that you have doubtless seen on the feeds, still on my list of maybes: Tiny Bird “Chicago” hair, Ohmai’s corsets, Scribble’s trapeze, among others.

So, if you have been meaning to go, go now! Tomorrow is the final day!

Hair: Tiny Bird Girl Anachronism
Skin: Curio Petal Lovely II in Fushia 2
Poses and posing chair: Elisa Poses

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