Winter Choice

I finally got around to getting my Winter Choice cards stamped, and exchanging them for my prizes. All the details on the Creator’s Stamp Rally are available on the blog. I chose (from L to R)
The Niniko sculpted coat, which is unisex and comes with sizes for men and women. The Edelweiss School Sailor, and the Coco Choice outfit.

All of these items have been blogged a lot of course, but I was a bit disappointed with a few things, and I’d like to share them. The Niniko coat was pretty much as expected, sculpted items do have issues with AO poses, but that was expected. The quality is good, and there are quite a few sizes included so you should be able to fit most avatars.
The Edelweiss outfit was a disappointment. The main issue for me is that I really don’t want to use it as a whole outfit, and it has to be worn that way. There is no waistband on the skirt so it looks funky if not worn with a piece covering the top. The shirt and sweater layers can’t be worn without the sailor collar, they are unfinished underneath where that piece covers.
The shirt bottom prim is too short to cover the top of the skirt where the waistband is missing.
It looks great all put together, the textures are nice and the prim skirt moves beautifully, but for me it just doesn’t work.  My only issue with the Coco outfit was a few layers I would have liked included. The leggings are only on the underwear layer, and the sweater is on the shirt layer with no tucking option. Thanks to the lovely crop-top shirt layer we are stuck with, this means the sweater really doesn’t work unless it is paired with the skirt. In other words, again the pieces have a limited ability to mix and match. However once again the outfit is gorgeous as a whole and the boots are great.

With 20 stores to shop in and 20 prizes to choose from Winter Choice 2009 ends January 18.
Also join the choice group and click the board in the event hall for a free choice card. Took a while to get due to lag, but definitely worth while! Visit the blog for all the SLURLs.

Skin in all looks: L. Fauna Snowflake former 50L friday item
Hair in all looks: Junwave Yuko Black
Niniko coat (paired with Coco shiny leggings and black boots, both group gifts, Madsy lace tube top )
Edelweiss sailor comes with shirt, cardigan, skirt, shoes and socks.
Coco Choice comes with turtleneck, scarf, skirt, leggings and ankle boots.

Poses: [S.Loves] Suri Cristen Poses.

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