Aoharu 50% off Sale on NOW!

From time to time Machang Pichot of Aoharu and Anexx has a 50% off sale, and it’s always an insane and crazy lag-fest. But there’s no denying the quality of the merchandise, which keeps me coming back. All of the clothes and shoes above are from Aoharu and Anexx. My main problem, as it always is at sales in Second Life, was trying to narrow down the things I want, and choose colours, since I buy my Lindens I can’t buy everything.

The Gladiator shoes from Anexx were an accidental buy, I was trying to check the price, and for some reason SL decided to buy them, without me hitting pay. After that I was careful to turn on Hover Tips because I probably would have chosen a different pair of shoes. Still, they are nice!

One thing to keep in mind with Aoharu is she does use a lot of sculpted prims. This makes fitting a bit tricky sometimes. These items all contain resize scriots but I had to make my chest much smaller in order to fit the jackets without making them huge everwhere else.

Happy Shopping!

Left: Aoharu Tweed short jacket (black), top from Knit Coat (inner), Lace crash down denim grey,           Anexx Bijou Gladiator Heels (black)
Centre: Aoharu Rollup Riders Jacket with Denim (Pink), Drapery Dress (white)
Aoharuwalk Suede Lace Up Sandals (white)
Right: Aoharu Rollup Riders Jacket with shirt (black leopard), Glittershirt (black),
leggings (black), Anexx Bijou Gladiator Heels (black)

All looks: Hair: Deena (Dramatic Red) Skin: Curio :GP: Petal Lovely Fushia 2

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