Shoes & Accessories Hunt

I was SO excited when I first saw the posters for the Shoes and Accessories hunt. Then I checked out the official blog and saw the list of participating vendors, and I could hardly wait to begin!

Shown is just a sampling of the many amazing quality items from some really talented creators.
The hunt starts at [hoorenbeek] but you can take an slurl from the list and start wherever you like. The organisers have kindly posted hints to help you find the items. You are looking for a prim with a picture of a shoe on it, pink for women’s items, blue for men’s and yellow for unisex.

I am wearing the Zenith Sweater hair and Reek Autumn boots in Navy, both hunt items.
As you can see I was having fun trying things on, shown are bags from {Lark} and Indyra Originals, shoes from Ingenue, Boots from R2 fashions, *Courtisane*, Nardcotix, sneakers from Duh! and HOC and MB-Creationz. The belt is from Ducknipple, and the hoodie I am wearing is Ducknipple’s Heatwave hunt prize.

Head on over to the official hunt blog here:   and get hunting!

Details (not hunt items):
Skin: Curio :GP: Lovely Petal (dark) Obsidian2
Jeans: Armidi (skinny) Black Classic
Pose: Olive Juice

3 thoughts on “Shoes & Accessories Hunt

  1. Bonjour! I love your blog :]

    I just wanted to ask something about the hunt items…

    Which store are the boots from on the left that are brown/olive colored with black spots on them? And also the red pumps?

    Thanks so much!

    1. The boots are from Nardcotix, and the red pumps are from Ingenue.
      It’s a great hunt, I am heading back out to pick up some of the things I missed.

  2. Yes! I’m doing the hunt at the moment and it looks great. I was just curious if I passed over those stores or not 😀

    Thanks so much! =)

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