Brooke – New Skin from 5th & Oxford (Part 2)

As you can see, Natural and Subtle live up to their names, with soft lips and eyes. Great “daytime” makeups, with a slightly smokier eye on Subtle.  These look a lot like the kind of makeup I favour in RL, and I like that. Even in my Second Life, I don’t need to look like I’m off for a night on the town 24/7.

I used the Glitterati “Silk” pose for Natural, along with Tiny Bird hair called I Hate Camera.

For Subtle I chose 5th & Oxford’s Little Miss Slip dress in Olive, with the Lola hair from Tiny Bird.
The pearls are Armidi’s Valencia pearls (sized down and tinted).

NSFW tasteful full skin image after the cut…

Brooke’s body is basically the same as their previous skin release, Audrey, but the face and makeups are all new.  Shown above in all it’s glory, with hair from Tiny Bird (I and Love and You) and panties from Zaara for the Le.Look anniversary.

I took all of my pictures using my own shape rather than the Brooke shape. I prefer to see how a skin looks on “me”. I used the medium skin tone (seen above) as that’s my preferred tone.  I used the Auburn brows to compliment the hair I chose.

To see how Brooke looks on YOUR shape, head on over to 5th & Oxford and try some demos!
There’s a makeup to please everyone!

Poses in these 2 posts from Glitterati, Long Awkward Pose and {Flowey}

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