Brooke – New Skin from 5th & Oxford

When I started in Second Life back in 2007, the first skin I ever bought was from Tête à Pied, fast forward just over 2 years and the partnership of Roslin Petion and CJ Carnot is rebranded as
5th & Oxford. The third skin release from this brand name is called Brooke, and she’s beautiful!

Roslin was kind enough to drop the Brooke skins on me for review. I was surprised and delighted to find 5 different lines with a total of 30 makeups. My “thing” with skins is always the makeup. I like a nice body, but I don’t show too much of it, so the makeup is what I look for.

In this post I would like to show you the 3 stronger makeups, Kitty, Nightfall and Rebel Rebel.
In my next post I will cover Natural and Subtle, whose names speak for themselves.

Kitty is a classic lady, with a thick liner on the top lid and a softer eye, the makeups give a good selection of lips and shadows, as well as one or two in each range with freckles and moles.
Styled here with 5th & Oxford’s Appletini dress (former 50L friday) and Allison hair from
The jewellery is from Deco, peridot necklace and earrings.

Nightfall is an evening look, stronger smokey eye and glossy lip. I chose my Snowdrift Suit from Paper Couture, and the Jewelled Hairband Updo and Geometric earrings are also from Paper Couture’s newest collection.

Rebel Rebel is for the party girl, strong colours and a heavier makeup overall.  The perfect skin for 5th & Oxford’s line of Rebel Rebel clothing which I blogged previously. Seen here the Rebel Rebel Halter in grey, Denim mini in Ashphalt, and to complete the look the casual Dylan updo from and a choker from Teklili.

The skins come in 3 tones: Pale, Medium and Tan. I am showing all Medium because that’s my skin tone of choice, visit the store to try the demos and see which is for you! 5th & Oxford also provides an Accessories pack with eyebrow and bikini area options. I personally appreciate being able to match my brows to my hair colour, it makes for a much more natural look.

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