Belleza Alyson Group Gift

Belleza‘s Alyson is out, and there’s a Group Gift! A beautiful soft makeup in 5 tones.

Alyson has freckles and auburn brows, it’s a natural look that really works for me. The lips are pink and the shadow delicate, with a nicely shaped yet not overplucked brow.

Full body pictures after the cut:

Alyson comes with natural or enhanced cleavage, both with and without hairbase.
Pale tone shown above, Belleza’s skins tend to be tan, so their pale is still quite a warm tone.

All 5 tones are included in the group gift.

Belleza group costs L$250 to join, but the gift skins are well worth it, and stay in the group for regular skin gifts! For the men, their newest male skin Thomas was released recently, and the group gift skin is still in notices.

Join Belleza inworld Group for L$250L and check notices.

Hair: Cassie (Dramatic Red)
Lingerie: Blowpop
Poses: Long Awkward Pose [LAP]

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