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[Rockberry] New Freckled Skins!

January 30, 2010

Heather Beebe of [Rockberry] has just released her Jules, Uma, Eva, Lily, Mia, Farrah and
Willow freckled skins in 4 skin tones. I was thrilled to receive a selection of Uma, Farrah and Jules skins from Heather this week.

I have loved Uma ever since it came out, the light skin tone is perfect for me and I always liked the way this skin looks on my shape.  I didn’t own any Farrah skins before now, but I really love this face too. I was surprised to find I like it even more than Uma! Although Jules has the same lovely skin and freckles, I don’t love the nose on me. But that’s just an issue of personal taste.

I tend to go for the face when choosing skins, which is to say I go for them based on how the face looks on my shape, and the makeups. These all have fairly soft makeups, with lighter shadows and for the most part paler lips. Unless you go exclusively for very bright lips and a lot of makeup, you’re sure to find a face you like.

With 7 skins in 4 skin tones and a variety of makeups, there’s a great variety to choose from!
The price is right too, just L$300 for one skin, fatpacks of 6 for L$1250!
Free demos are available to see if [Rockberry] has a freckled skin that will suit you!

Hair: W&Y 93 Type A (colour change mocha and black)
Undies: [Plastik] –  [BoB] hunt gift Valerian bra and undies Dahlia

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