Madsy Last Chance January 31st

I hadn’t heard of Madsy up until a few months ago, and the other day I was so sad to hear that designer Kimberlee Miles is closing her stores on January 31st.

Madsy has a small selection of lovely and reasonably priced clothes, and I was SO hoping that there would be more to come. I do hope this is a temporary thing and that we will see this designer back in Second Life soon.

A few of the things I have from Madsy are shown above. On the left, the Lace Top and Tube, comes in a plethora of layers, with the lace top, tube top and bra separately and together (as shown). The black skirt is the same as the blue one on the right, the Peplum skirt. I love the satin texture on these skirts, which come in 7 colours and I would have loved a top to match to make them into dresses!  In the centre is the Tiered Camisole in nightshade, I bought this in 3 of the 15 colours, it’s so pretty and the sculpted prim is nicely made.

Now I have to log into SL quickly to buy a few more things before Madsy closes tomorrow!

Hair: Cassie in Dramatic Red
Jewellery: Ticky Tacky
Skin: [Rockberry] Farrah freckled
Pants: Armidi Gisaci Journey Tweed Slacks  Black
Tank: Ohmai Blank Racerback tank
Shoes: Purple – Armidi Gisaci Barcelona Slingback
Blue and white – R2 Mahealani

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