Will you be my Dorky Valentines?

One year ago, I was busy with the Starlust, Vain and Greatest Love Valentine’s hunts. I enjoyed Second Life, had fun building and owned some land. But although I had made a few friends, I didn’t really believe in internet friendships. I had joined Lucky Chair Stalkers after seeing people teleport in to flip chairs, and it was the best decision of my Second Life. Through chatting in group I met the most amazing people, and through them even more people.

A year later, I live in a wonderful neighbourhood in the sky that we call Dork St. It has grown from a group of 5 to 25 incredible, interesting, fun, dorky people. They are a true honour and a priviledge to know, and they are what make me want to log in everyday, who have me addicted to plurk! Because I care about them and their lives, how their day went, what they had for breakfast, if they are happy or sad and why.

I am fortunate to have a group of great friends, which extends beyond our neighbourhood. Several of our number have left Second Life, whether temporarily or permanently, and while we wish them well as they go about their real lives, they are missed perhaps more than they know.

This Valentine’s Day as I celebrate with my husband and family, enjoying the comforts of real life and the treats we have planned, I am still thinking of how much each and every one of the Dorks, both present and absent, have brought to my life.

I would never have believed, one year ago, that I would laugh so hard, that I would run around shooting my friends with lego and lemon slices and bananas like a crazy person. That I would care so much for people whose real names and faces I don’t know, and who I will never meet in the real world.

So to all the Dorks: Gin, Isa, Litzi, Adie, Neva, Ashlee, Rbk, Novalita, Narita, Hempy, Wrenja, Silver, Mai, Emma, Persey, Eden, Whisper, Quiver, Kaitlyn, Lenora, RaineM, RaineB, Kris, Allyn and Charlie…. I wish you all good things in every life, and especially love this Valentine’s Day.

With Love and Friendship,     Anastasia

Skin: Pink Fuel – Skye <Chai> Girly (Valentine’s Bazaar)
Hair: Waka & Yuki – W&Y HairNew 16 (sim opening Dollarbie)
Flower: Artilleri – Orchid Hair Flower pink (tinted)
Skirt: Pixeldolls – 2811 Black Velvet Skirt
Corset: 5th & Oxford – The Tease (Cerise)
Jewellery: Paper Couture – Onyx Gemstone Set
Pose and Heart: dfo! [<3] love you poses (Starlust Valentine’s Hunt)
Background texture: http://inthename-stock.deviantart.com/

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