Accessory Fair 2010 – PrimOptic

PrimOptic has 3 new releases and a gift at the Accessory Fair! Clockwise from top left: Celeste, Sabre, Kitty and Miss g. Celeste is a gift at the fair, and has all the amazing options included with other PrimOptic eyewear.

I spoke with creator Nibb Tardis at his booth before the fair opened and he explained the reasons behind the number of features in his eyewear. PrimOptic has been around since 2005 and at that time there were no huds, so scripts had to be built into objects.  So not only are the glasses colour / texture change, they also include Gadgets! A flight assist (so you don’t need a flight feather),  teleport history, online monitor and a sensor that tells you who is nearby. The other amazing thing was pointed out to me by my friend Narita Rayna, these glasses are not sculpted, they are actually built meticulously out of prims!

Celeste is a great opportunity to try out all the features of PrimOptic eyewear, then choose your favourite style from the new releases or many other styles available at the Accessory Fair or at the PrimOptic mainstore.

Skin: Belleza – Alyson Pale 5
Hair: – Dylan (Passionate red)
Poses: Glitterati – Headshots

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