New Releases

Oh the joy!‘s new releases always send me running to check them out! 4 new hairs this week, and the cutest little romper! Check out the Paradiso romper, shown in Leaf and Tuscany above. It comes on all possible layers, with the new cinch belt in 3 colours included! (black, brown and silver) It’s a super deal, the belts are cute, and with 3 sizes included there’s not much editing needed to make them fit! The cinch belts are also sold separately in a ton of colours.

Closes ups of the 4 hair styles after the break:

Anna is a loose side pony, with colour change tie (menu driven).  Adriana has super cute pigtails, again with colour change ties. Scarlett and Scarlett 2 are variations, basically the same except Scarlett 2 has more hair loose at the back. The hair band on these is also colour change, and can be worn with or without studs. I love these options and I also love free demos and hair that is mod! It’s important to be able to fit it properly.

Romper: – Paradiso Romper shown in Leaf with brown belt, Tuscany with black belt.
Hair: – Anna, Adriana, Scarlett and Scarlett 2, shown in Dramatic Red or Cynical Black
Skin: Belleza – Alyson (Pale 7)
Jewellery: Ticky Tacky – Momma was an Opium Smoker, Zaara – Karmulka (gold, coloured)
Shoes: – Basic flats (brown), Basic Pumps (nude)
Poses: Estetica – new store opening April 2nd at the Pose Fair.

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