Estetica! New release now in store!

Estetica has been open a little over a week and we have been hard at work to bring you our first big new release!  We have 3 new sets of poses for women, 2 for men and one new couple pose!

All of our women’s and men’s poses are available individually or as a 10 pack (for a substantial savings!)

At the store we also have some dollarbie poses, including an exclusive for members of the Lucky Chair Stalkers group.

Pose Fair is on until the 16th and Estetica has a booth there, our new releases are up there, as well as a huge stack of dollarbie poses! We have 3 items up to benefit the charity Motivation. Please check out the pose fair if you haven’t already been, there are tons of great pose makers involved.

A great idea by Adorkable Peapod (Adorkable Poses), and lots of hard work from Katey Coppola (Glitterati) has resulted in 2 amazing pose packs being created. Exclusive poses were created by Pose Fair vendors, and Katey put them together into 2 huge packs. There are 28 poses in the men’s pack and 35 in the women’s! Go to Xstreet to buy these exclusive poses, only available until the fair ends on April 16th. 100% of the proceeds will benefit the charity Motivation.

Poses by Anastasia Trefusis, Litzi Xue and AshleePSU Snoodle for Estetica

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