Bullying STOPS here! Pink Shirt Day Free Gifts from Estetica, Sn@tch, Duh! and Pig

Today is Pink Shirt day, and people all across the grid will be donning their pink shirts to raise awareness that bullying must end! Pink Shirt day started with some amazing brave boys at a high school in Nova Scotia. They had the brilliant idea of wearing pink shirts to show their sympathy and support for a new Grade 9 Student who was being bullied.  These inspiring kids went out and bought a case of 50 pink shirts, sent out a message to their classmates, and the next morning stood in the foyer handing out pink shirts. The fact that these boys took their idea, followed through, and lead their fellow students to stand up and be counted, is truly inspirational.

This movement has spread all across Canada and the world, and now to Second Life, where residents will wear pink today to show that bullying is not tolerated.

Many stores will have special items out for Pink Shirt Day. Visit Estetica Mainstore where I have set out the 2 poses shown above and the sign for free, today only.

I am wearing some Pink Shirt day gifts from a few vendors. Apatia Hammerer has set out a pink version of Pig’s Guayabera shirt (left) and Sn@tch has the pink dress I’m wearing on the right, with 2 skirt options. Visit Duh! to pick up the shoes, pink high top sneakers for men, and the pink wedges for women. (they included resize scripts so as you can see, women can also wear the high tops!)

Put on your pink shirt and show your true colours! Bullying Stops Here!

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