Argyle Suspender Socks! New from Pig

Apatia Hammerer has long been known for her original hand drawn clothing, at her two stores Pig and Thimbles.  Unless you haven’t been paying attention to Second Life fashion blogs at all over the past year, you will have see her suspender socks many times!  As an ardent lover of argyle, I was so excited when I heard Apatia was working on argyle socks. They are out now in store, in an astonishing 30 colour combinations!

Apatia was kind enough to drop them on me, and once I was finished squeeing in glee, I started making outfits based on them.  With so many choices of colours it was hard to narrow it down to just 3 to build outfits around for this post.

On the left I started with the Pig Argyle socks in Bertram, pairing them with this Pig Sing Sing cardigan in raspberry, and the Bobo Party Sweater skirt from Thimbles in white.
The Clawtooth by Clawtooth hairstyle Woman of the Year in Delicious Wine was one of two for this week’s 50L Friday. The Vaudevillian shoes from Anexx and the Celeste glasses from PrimOptic finished of the look.

In the centre I went with the socks in Eloise, and chose the Long Island cardigan in deep teal, also from Pig. I tried on a bunch of shorter skirts, but settled on this grey pleated skirt from Niniko, with a Cami tucked under the cardi. I bought Those Shoes from Smersh a few weeks back after seeing them in one of Apatia’s ads. Lamb’s Stargaze  hair in Kitkat with bowler hat topped the outfit.

On the right I started again with the socks in Zigfield, and picked out this Blackbeautyberry mini dress at Thimbles to go with them. Clawtooth by Clawtooth had this hair with hat out for Stumblebum some months back, called Love Cuddles, I’m wearing it in Classic Brunette. The Classy Lady pearls in Ebony from Ticky Tacky, and the new Zimmy flats from Shiny Things to accessorize, and this very simple outfit was done.

Clothing and Socks: Pig, Thimbles, Niniko and
Hair: Clawtooth by Clawtooth and Lamb
Skin: L.Fauna – Lapine
Eyes: Poetic Colours – PC eyes by LL – Summer (blue blue sky)
Shoes: Anexx, Smersh, Shiny Things
Jewellery: Ticky Tacky
Glasses: PrimOptic
Poses: Estetica

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