Estetica New Releases at Le Cirque!

We are excited to announce that Estetica is participating in Le Cirque De La Mode. The theme of the event is summertime/on the board walk, and we have lots of new releases there to share with you.

For starters we have 4 brand new mini pose packs priced at L$75 each and 2 new couples poses at L$50.

We also have 2 new builds (estetica: Summer House for L$100 and estetica: My Old Summer Playhouse (Pink) for L$125), and two new furniture sets with custom Estetica poses (estetica: Boardwalk Bench for L$150 and estetica: Boardwalk Cafe Patio Set for L$175)!

We also have some new dollarbies, and the previously released Oh La La Hula La pose prop set for L$10. Le Cirque De La Mode spans from June 19th through June 27th.

The newness doesn’t stop there! We also have a new pose pack out at the main store. The Voluptuous Plus Size Pose Pack, priced at L$185, was made with the curvier ladies in mind and includes 12 poses for the price of 10.

We have also set out a new in-store freebie–a face animator. This will allow you make all sorts of faces while posing for your pictures. How awesome is that?

We have lots more in store for this summer, so keep a look out! And, don’t forget to mark your calendars for the upcoming Good Shit Hunt, starting on June 26th!

Estetica at Le Cirque

Estetica Mainstore

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