New from – Poet and Melody halter tops

The newest releases from are the Poet and Melody halter tops. With a softly sculpted prim body and neck ties, these halters can be worn with casual or dressier styles. In the top image I am wearing the Poet halter in Thistle, Poet has a lovely soft floral pattern in 8 colour choices. Below I have on the Melody halter, Melody are solids, also available in 8 colours.

For my photo shoot I headed over to the Ode sim where photo opportunities abound, inspired by the soft florals of the Poet halter.

1. Top: – Poet halter (thistle)
Bottoms: – Rolled cargos (stone)
Earrings: Ticky Tacky – Per la Principessa (Anastasia) ❤
Hair / Hat: – Yelena  (Dramatic Red)
Skin (both images): Pink Fuel – Ember (honey) (Spring Fling)
Nails: M-Style – Perfect Hand short

2. Top: – Melody halter (teal)
Bottoms: – Trousers (black)
Bag: – Dream.catcher bag (pink)
Shoes: – Dream.booties (teal)
Jewellery: Ticky Tacky – L’Isola de Murano
Hair: – Yelena 2 (Dramatic Red)

Poses: Coming soon to Estetica

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