Estetica New Releases for Fashion Fest!

Estetica has a booth at Fashion Fest!  Check out all the new releases we prepared for this event!  The three items at the top are all to raise money for Relay for Life, 2 mini pose packs at a super great deal, 50L each! 100% goes to Relay for Life. The third item is something I made based on the RFL Luminary ceremony held by the Canadian Cancer Society “Remember with the Luminary Ceremony. This ceremony happens at twilight and is a time to remember and honour loved ones who have fought cancer. Purchase a luminary to honour a cancer survivor or remember a loved one lost. Luminaries are placed around the Relay track – providing a moving, unforgettable experience that motivates us to continue the fight.”   My RFL Luminary is wearable, when you put it on you are posed holding it.  100% of the  25L price also goes to RFL.

The other items are all new items currently only available at Fashion Fest, Pin-Up Girl is a set of 1o poses inspired by classic pin ups of the 50s and 60s. Anti-Gravity is a fun pack of floaty poses which would be equally great for underwater poses or even a trampoline!
Man About Town is a 5 pose pack for the guys, we are trying to get more poses available for men, as the focus does seem to be on women’s poses and you guys need to look great in photos too!

Love in the Sun is a couple’s pose, perfect for summer romance. Surf and Turf is a fun, silly, friends or couples pose.

There’s a little bit of everything at our Fashion Fest booth, including our single, group and couples poses,  summer pose furniture such as the Boardwalk Bench, and a selection of previously released mini packs, as well as a new dollarbie!

Check it out! Fashion Fest covers 9 sims, but it’s all quite spread out in hopes of reducing lag, and there’s a great selection of fashion-related stores, not only clothing but also poses, accessories, jewellery etc.

Taxi to Estetica at Fashion Fest:

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