Hair Fair 2010 – Post 4 – RezIpsa Loc – and Wear Gray!

RezIpsa Luckstone has been hard at work! Not only does she have a booth at Hair Fair, with 4 new
styles, but she also has a bunch of newness in her booth at Wear Grey, and she tells me there is
more on it’s way! Wow!

On the left side of the image you can see the 4 new hairstyles available in the RezIpsa Loc booth at
Hair Fair. From the top: Eliza is a “half-up” style with bobby pins securing a half-pony.  Harriet
features blunt bangs and softly turned under ends. Jane is similar to Harriet but with a centre
part for those who don’t do bangs.  Last but not least, Mary is a ponytail with blunt bangs. Super cute!

On the right are some of the new offerings at Wear Gray.  On the top row I’ve paired Anna Wears
Gray with the I ❤ SL tee,  and Sarah Wears Gray with the Virtual ♥ tee. On the lower row I’m
wearing Julia Wears Gray with the ILU tee and Broadway Anna Wears Gray hair gets a close up.
The Broadway Anna Wears Gray hair and the ILU  tee are both 100% donation to the Wear Gray
charity, the American Brain Tumor Association.

The textures on these tee shirts are really well done, and so cute.  All the jeans are also from
RezIpsa Loc, and all the shoes shown are the great colour change shoes from A-Bomb.

I’m wearing the Sydd Wedges (so cute with the studs, I love these!), the Khitten shoes with suede
heels, and the Courtney boots.  I love that all of A-Bomb’s shoes are colour change, it makes them
so versatile, and really reasonably priced too.

RezIpsa Loc at Hair Fair
RezIpsa Loc at Wear Gray
RezIpsa Loc Store


Skin: Laq – Tess 2
Hair: RezIpsa Loc – all detailed above
Jeans: RezIpsa Loc – capri jeans and Black Brooch jeans
Tees: RezIpsa Loc at Wear grey
Footwear: A-Bomb

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