BCA Fair for a Pair – on now til October 9th

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and until October 9th you have a chance to pick up some exclusive and discounted items from many great  Second Life designers.
The BCA Fair for a Pair is at the Mystic Atlantis sim. Follow the pink path around the sim to find lots of goodies. Proceeds to benefit the Susan G.Komen 3 Days for the Cure.

Above are some of the things I picked up at the fair. At the top I’m wearing the Sprite dress and “Happy Foibles” wreath from Wishbox. Centre right is a close up of one of Donna Flora’s items, the Elvira set. I love this, you really have to see it up close to truly appreciate the detail of this beautiful necklace and earrings. Bottom left I’m wearing the Naomi Pink Ribbon top from the Secret Store, a special edition for BCA.

My mother is a 17 year survivor of breast cancer. She had a radical mastectomy, followed by the strongest chemotherapy and radiation that they could give at that time.
As her mother also had breast cancer, it’s a cause that is very dear to my heart, as I have a very good chance of also getting it one day. Today I called and booked my second ever mammogram.  Although it’s usually once every 5 years for women over 40, due to my family history I have one every year.

Until we have a cure, ladies please remember to do your self examinations, and have regular physicals and mammograms if you are over 40.

You have until Saturday to explore this beautiful sim, pick up some great new things and help out a worthy cause!

Skin: Belleza – Alyson (pale)
Hair: Top: Truth – Roxana (reds)  Centre right and bottom left: Maitreya – Siri (reds)
Shoes: Ingenue – Dianthus (blush)
Jeans: fri.day – Iunno (black)
Wings: Fancy Fairy – Tendril wings in Fleur
Jewellery: Donna Flora – Elvira set – BCA Fair for a Pair
Dress: Wishbox – Sprite dress (pink) – BCA Fair for a Pair
Floral Wreath: Wishbox – Happy Foibles Wreath – BCA Fair for a Pair
Top: The Secret Store:  Naomi Pink Ribbon – BCA Fair for a Pair

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