Deco at the 2010 Jewellery Fair

Deco is well known for beautiful jewellery with an Art Deco flavour, as well as some more unusual pieces.  Designer Orchid Zenovka creates with attention to detail and no piece shows that more than the Nighttime necklace (far right). I’m wearing the necklace to show the long chain and the size. The close up gives you an idea of the detail in this beautiful piece, but what you can’t see here is that those gears move! And the watch keeps SL time.

On the top left I’m wearing the newest piece from Deco, the Her Conquest necklace. This piece comes in silver or gold, and there’s a men’s version too. This necklace feels like an ancient Celtic piece to me.

Lower left I’m wearing the Pearls in a Rush, these come in 3 colour combinations and have a delightful “thrown on” feel.

At the bottom you can see the range of glasses available at Deco. These each come in 6 colours. From left: Cat’s Meow glasses (shown in Cherry),  Analyst Glasses (shown in grape),  Buddy Glasses (shown in chocolate),  Swank Glasses Polka Dots (shown in black and white) and Swank Glasses (shown in olive).

From classic style Art Deco inspired jewellery, to quirky pieces with a unique flavour, Deco is always great quality, beautifully made jewellery and accessories.

Visit Deco at the 2010 Jewellery Fair

Deco Mainstore

Hair: Raspberry Aristocrat – Jess (Red Passion)
Skin: L.Fauna – Lapine (Tan 1 Mulberry)
Jewellery and Glasses – Deco (details above)
Clothing: Ingenue – Edie sweater (black), Memo skirt (plum)
Shoes: Gos – Posh Bootie (obsidian)
Poses: Estetica

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