Gos loves your curves! New Curvaceous boots from Gos Custom Footwear

The latest release from creator Gospel Voom are these amazing Curvaceous Boots.
With 10 colours to choose from, each boot comes with 3 heel styles: chunky, wedge and stiletto.
The smooth curving lines are so flattering and as always the sculpts, textures and scripting
are impeccable.

Buy the fatpack and you have endless combinations!  Use the extensive menu to customize your
boots by selecting not only the heel style, but leather or suede texture, and retexture each part
for a custom look.

Resizing is super easy too with the menu allowing you to adjust not just over all size, but to
choose to size the depth, height and width individually. So if you’re short like my av, you can
bring the height of the boots down, without making them too small for your legs.
To reduce lag, make a copy of the boots, customize, and then choose anti-lag from the extras
menu to remove scripts. Make a copy first though!

If the fatpack is too rich for your blood, buy one colour, and add an extra shoe polish or two.
The “shoe polish” updater is unique to Gos and allows you to add extra colours over time to your
initial purchase. (It also has a cute animation)
Join the inworld group for just 50L to receive 10% off all Gos products! And free demos mean you
can try them out before you buy.

Gos Custom Footwear

Details Top:
Boots: Gos Custom Footwear – Curvaceous Boots (chunky heel, brown)
Hair: Truth – Giada (burgundy)
Skin: Tuli – Zoe (former SCD Disco Deal)
Dress: So Many Styles – Floral Dress (Chic Limited)
Jacket: The Secret Store – Brownie (Euphoria Hunt item)
Bag : Izumiya – Boston Bag
Tights: Soxie
Glasses: Gos Custom Eyewear – Cateye (champagne)

Details Center:
Boots: Gos Custom Footwear – Curvaceous Boots (wedge heel, black / teal)
Hair: Maitreya – Sacha (Henna)
Skin: Pink Fuel – Ember (Scene)
Sweater: The Secret Store – Ribbon Sweater (black, ribbons are colour change)
Jeans: Armidi – Grace jeans (Black)
Clutch: Orta – Stella clutch (charcoal)
Glasses: Gos Custom Eyewear – Butterfly (black)

Details Bottom:
Boots: Gos Custom Footwear – Curvaceous Boots (stiletto heel, grey)
Skin: Très Blah – Joy 2 (111 Limited Edition, no longer available)
Hair: fri.day – Neva (Dramatic Red)
Dress: Miel – Lia dress (polo)
Jewellery: Acid & Mala – Messed Memory wire set
Glasses: Gos Custom Eyewear – Intuition (black)

All: Poses – Estetica, Eyes: Poetic Colours

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