New Tuli skin: Zoe – Skin Fair 2011

We got a taste of  this new skin from Tuli when she offered one at Disco Deals in January, but the full release of Zoe will be available to buy when the Vanity Universe 2o11 Skin Fair opens later today.

The pack comes with a TON of options. Starting with the 6 skins shown above, featuring a Bare skin, and 5 skins with different eye makeups.

Then there are all the options. Tuli has made a ton of tattoo layers for this skin. Shown above top, there are 3 cleavage options. The regular one in the centre comes on the skins, then on the
left is the subtle cleavage (great for smaller breasts) and on the right is the boost cleavage, for
those who like a lot of cleavage. Both options come on tattoo and undershirt layers.

Also shown above although perhaps not so easy to see, the pack includes 2 different freckle options on the tattoo layer, light and medium freckles. There are 3 different tattoo lashes (brown, black, blue) and 8 different brow colour options.

Last but not least, 12 different colour tattoo layer lipsticks, shown below.  All these options allow for great flexibility in how you wear your Tuli skin.

These unedited full body pics show the subtle shading that is so nicely done. The regular cleavage is just right for my avatar. The collarbone, stomach and bum are all very nice.
One thing I really apreciate, which you will have to try a demo to see for yourself, is the
ears and nostrils. The shading is not over done, and the ears don’t have the pasted on not matching the rest of the skin look that  you sometimes see.

Try out a demo when the skin fair opens at 3pm!

Skin: Tuli – Zoe
Lingerie: Pacadi Jasha (no longer available I think)
Hair: – Raina (Dramatic Red)
Poses: Estetica


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