Fashionably Dead at Hair Fair 2011

Creator Toast Bard of Fashionably Dead always has new and interesting hairstyles at Hair Fair, and this year is no exception. 4 of the new styles are shown here, my personal favourite being Lemonade which is a really cute loosely braided style with a side part and no ties. Sweet Tea (not shown) is a similar style, but with blunt cut bangs.

Crystal’s Yearbook Photo is a casual pony with a big floppy bow that feels very 80s to me somehow! It looks so cute with Chew Your Hair, a strand of hair in the mouth that I think would work with a lot of hairstyles.

Shove It is a short and slightly unkempt style. Boyish and dishevelled, it’s very cute and young looking.
Flying Fortress is pure fun, a short haircut with a leather flying helmet and goggles attached. Post-apocalyptic or retro, depending on your style. Pair it with a long white scarf and leather jacket for that WWI Flying Ace look!

Check out all these styles and try a demo at the Fashionably Dead booth at Hair Fair 2011.
Visit the Mainstore at Tableau for more hairstyles, skins, clothing and more.

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