LaGyo Fascinates at Accessory Fair 2011

LaGyo designer Gyorgyna Larnia has become known for her stylish and eye-catching jewels and accessories. Her Mademoiselle collection includes many exquisite floral fascinators and hats worthy of Ascot. Her booth at Accessory Fair 2011 is full of her newest releases as well as 2 exclusive items designed with the theme of the fair in mind.

Sanaa is the LaGyo RFL donation item, and you can choose the necklace and/or earrings, 100% of the purchase price will go to the SL Relay for Life. This gold and multicolour gemstone set features a double strand necklace with pendant and matching earrings.  Gianila is an Accessory Fair exclusive, and shares the same gold and multicolour gemstone palette with a snake design.

LaGyo fascinators and some of the jewellery from the Mademoiselle line. The Alloy earring and necklace are a stunning silver and clear stone set with a long pendant necklace and earrings. The Ruby cascade earrings feature a double cascade of red and fuchsia faceted stones.

High fashion LaGyo fascinators from this line include roses, orchids, peonies, tassels and beads as well as amusing details such as the paintbrushes and freshly painted roses on the Splatter roses fascinator which comes in red or fuchsia.

See all this and more at LaGyo’s booth at Accessory Fair 2011 on the Dig sim.

Visit LaGyo mainstore to see past collections.

Top Left:
Hat: LaGyo – Splatter Roses fascinator (fuchsia)
Earrings: LaGyo – Ruby Cascade Earrings
Bag: LaGyo – Leather tote (Honeysuckle)
Shoes: LaGyo – Floral Oxford shoes (crimson)
Cardigan: The Secret Store – Darling Cardigan (Chinese Roses)
Pants: The Secret Store – Basic flared pants (licorice)
Tank top: – Classic.beater (white)
Hair: Elikatira – Leah (Brown 08)
Skin: Dutch Touch – Megan (cream) worn in all pics
Eyes: Fashism – Sunrise Eyes (Deep Blue) worn in all pics
Lashes: LeLutka – Lashes 2011 (curl) worn in all pics
Nails: RezIpsa Loc -Honeysuckle pink nails (glove)

Top right:
Hat: LaGyo – Bow hat (magenta)
Dress: The Secret Store – Boheme (Wild flowers)
Shoes: Gos – Pimp Your Pumps Classic Platform (colour change)
Hair: Elikatira – About (Brown 08)

Second Image:
Jewellery: LaGyo – Sanaa (RFL Donation Item), Gianila (AF2011 Exclusive)
Hair: Elikatira – Leah (Brown 08)
Bodysuit: Maitreya – Bodysuit De la Ruche (Black)

Third Image:
Hats: LaGyo – Peony Widow fascinator, Splatter Roses fascinator (fuchsia)
Jewellery: LaGyo – Alloy Earrings and Necklace, Ruby Cascade earrings
Hair: Elikatira – Leah (Brown 08)
Top (left): Madsy – tiered camisole black (no longer available) Clothing right – see image 1

Last Image:
Headpieces: LaGyo fascinators – Blind mask, Blue roses headband,
Spring orchids headpiece, Splatter roses fascinator (red)
Hair: Maitreya – Siri (henna)

All Poses: Estetica
Images taken with Viewer 2.7 with shadows enabled

Most clothing from The Secret Store‘s latest release.

Featuring Donna Flora – New Releases at Accessory Fair 2011

Designer Squinternet Larnia of Donna Flora creates not only beautiful, intricate jewellery with exquisite textures, but also hats, fanciful headpieces, hair, shoes, clothing, glasses and handbags. From vintage and antique styles to modern looks, Donna Flora has something incredible for anyone. This year at the Accessory Fair, Donna Flora offers a selection of her beautiful jewellery, headpieces and more.

These are a few of the amazing fascinators you will find in the Donna Flora booth at Accessory Fair 2011.
As always with Donna Flora, the detail and the texturing are beyond compare.

Donna Flora’s RFL donation items are these 2 matching Viola Sets. Featuring a rich magenta and gold color scheme, the Egyptian influence is evident in the scarab shapes. One set includes the earrings and necklace, the other the belt and hand jewellery which is a combination ring / bracelet piece.
Both sets donate 100% to Relay for Life.

Last but not least I’d like to show this Accessory Fair Exclusive from Donna Flora, the Viper set includes
a necklace, earrings and watch. In a soft antique gold with black stones and watch face. This set is striking yet simple.

See all this and more in the Donna Flora booth at Accessory Fair 2011, located on the Oasis sim.

Check out the Donna Flora main store for an astounding array of jewellery, accessories and clothing.

Top left:
Hairpiece: Donna Flora – Teatime
Jewellery: Donna Flora – Margherita set + hud (colour change)
Dress: Donna Flora – Liala (pink)
Skin: Glam Affair – Layla
Hair: Elikatira – About (Brown 04)
Shoes: Gos – Pimp Your Pumps (Classic Platform)

Top Right:
Hairpiece & Hair: Donna Flora – Osiris Ivory (black hair and tattoo hairbase)
Dress: Donna Flora – Marlene
Jewellery: Donna Flora – Princess Cream Set
Skin: Glam Affair – Layla (light)

Second Image:
Headpieces / fascinators: Donna Flora – Osiris, Teatime, Cristiana, Blackpool
Skin: Glam Affair – Layla (light)
Hair: Elikatira

Third Image:
Jewellery: Donna Flora – Viola sets – AF2011 RFL Donation Item
Skin: Glam Affair – Layla (light)
Hair: – Carrie (cynical black)
Clothing: – Layering tank (black)  Ingenue: Katherine trousers (noir)

Last Image:
Jewellery: Donna Flora – Viper set
Skin: Glam Affair – Layla (light)
Hair: Elikatira – Details (Black 04)
Corset: 5th & Oxford – The Tease Corset (Onyx)

All Poses: Estetica
Eyes: Fashism – Sunrise Eyes (Deep Blue M)
Lashes: LeLutka – 2011 lashes (Curl)

Deception – New from Gos Custom Eyewear at Accessory Fair 2011

Gos Custom Eyewear is one of the sponsors of the Accessory Fair this year, and creator Gospel Voom has released a new pair of glasses at the fair! Deception features futuristic styling and all the options you expect when it’s Gos. The “loaded” version comes with 15 colours of frames and lenses, and the basic version has 6! Not so basic. Especially when you consider that all the parts can be customized separately (rims, arms, logo, lenses) for a truly custom look.

These glasses are not just unisex, you can choose to set them as male or female and the size adjusts accordingly. Of course you can custom fit them should the default not work for you. Lens opacity is easily adjusted in the menu, along with the textures, all textures are baked, not tinted so these look amazing no matter which colour you choose to wear.

Wear them up or down with a click of a button. Make a copy of the glasses and set your preferences, then choose the low-lag version to delete the scripts if you’re going to be in a crowded or laggy spot.
If you need any more incentive to go try the free demo, they are on for a 50% off introductory special!

The belt I’m wearing is Gos’ RFL donation item, with 100% of the black and cream colours going to support Relay For Life.  Stop by Gos Custom’s booth at Accessory Fair 2011 on The Dig sim to see these and other Gos creations including some fabulous men’s watches.

At the Gos mainstore you’ll find lots of beautifully made footwear, eyewear, watches, furniture and more!

Glasses: Gos Custom Eyewear – Deception (Loaded version) Accessory Fair 2011 Release
Belt: Gos Custom – Belt HipD (Black) AF2011 RFL Donation item
Boots: Gos Custom Footwear – Curvacious boots
Hair: Elikatira – Alright (Black 04)
Skin: Glam Affair – Layla (Light D04)
Dress: Erratic – Marney Laser cut dress (Black)
Leggings – Zaara – Art Leggings (black)
Necklace – Mandala – Kabuki Necklace 2 (silver)
Pose: Estetica

Accessory Fair 2011 is Open!

Glance International Agency presents Accessory Fair 2011 – Ancient Egypt: Discover the Treasures. In support of Relay for Life of SL. The second annual Accessory Fair showcases over 40 of Second Life’s top accessories designers.

The fair runs Saturday, June 11th, from 1 PM SLT to Sunday, June 26th at 3 PM SLT

The two sims have been designed to feature themes associated with ancient Egypt, “The Oasis” and “The Dig”. The oasis is a lush and verdant sim centred on a market square with shops surrounding the green space. The Dig is a sandy landscape of rocks and canyons, reminiscent of the area around the Valley of the Kings where so many royal tombs are located. Both sims feature builds with an archeogical flavour and sculpted prim artifacts add to the ambiance.

Designers were given their choice of sims and asked to create at least one never before seen item relating to the theme of the event. Since this event is supporting Relay For Life© of SL 2011, each participant was required to submit two (2) exclusive creations.  There was a choice of the following: one (1) new creation with one (1) recoloured design  OR two (2) new RFL only exclusive creations. ALL sale proceeds of these items go directly as 100% donations to the cause.

The GIA “Treasure Quest” will be a part of the event and will invite participants to explore the sims and incover the “Riddle of the Pharoah”.  In addition the Accessory Fair is holding a photo contest with the theme “Treasure Hunter” Visit the Glance International Agency blog for all the details.

I will be featuring a number of Accessory Fair designers over the course of the fair beginning with Gos, Donna Flora and LaGyo so stay tuned!

Details (top images):
Skin: Curio – :GP: Petal Frex [light] Pout – Pure 2
Hair: Elikatira – About (Brown 04)
Shirt: Zaara – Adyan Kurta (black)
Shorts: – Safari Shorts (brown)
Boots: Gos – GTFO boots (black)
Necklace: R.A. Crystal – Maria
Pith Helmet: The Golden Oriole – Pith Helmet (colour change)
Eyes: Poetic Colours – ocean eyes – blue surf
Lashes: LeLutka – 2011 lashes – curl
Poses: Estetica