Curio Skin: Airhead

Gala Phoenix has recently added 3 new skins to her Curio skin line. Airhead, Summer, and Pout 2.
All 3 have the trademark Curio body which is one of my favourites in SL. Airhead features blonde brows
and natural lips, with nice lipsticks but not heavy gloss.

There is a selection of makeups to choose from.  Curio skins usually come in your choice of 6 makeups, but each makeup comes with 2 lip options, which I personally LOVE.  You also get them with or without freckles, and each skin tone comes in 2 shades (see below).

The top row shows the light shade of each tone, and the lower row shows the dark shade. Such a huge selection means that for each makeup you actually get 8 skins. Buy the megapack and you get 48 skins in each tone, an astonishing 240 skins!

I really like the face on Airhead, it reminds me of Pout which is my favourite Curio skin (so far!) but still has it’s own look. Try out a free demo at the Curio mainstore to see if Airhead suits you!

Skins: Curio – :GP: Airhead
Lashes: LeLutka – 2011 lashes (curl)
Eyes: Fashism – Sunrise Eyes (Deep Blue)
Hair: Lamb – Boyfriend (Butterfinger)
Bathing suit: – Belted Halter (black)
Bangles: Ticky Tacky – Daily bangles
Poses: Estetica


Adam n Eve – Lyndsey (Skin and Shape Expo Release)

Lyndsey is one of the brand new faces from Adam n Eve at the Skin and Shape Expo. Shown here in Natural, Lyndsey comes in 4 skin tones and has a ton of options included!

Not only are there 4 tattoo eyeshadows included, the skin also comes with 6 tattoo lipsticks, 6 manicures and 6 pedicures (on glove and tattoo layers) as well as freckles, 4 brow options, 5 pubic options, and one blush.  Oh and 4 tattoo hair bases! It’s a lot for L$1,800!

The skin itself is nicely made, with a good bottom and natural or enhanced cleavage. The brows are natural, and some areas that I find often have issues like ears and nostrils are nicely shaded.
Lyndsey is a pretty, natural looking skin and you can find her at the Skin and Shape Expo.

Skin: Adam n Eve – Lyndsey (natural)
Hair: Elikatira – Rush (Brown 08)
Bikini: Luck Inc. – Ibiza Bikini (black)
Poses: Estetica

Dutch Touch – Megan and New skin Sterre

Sterre is the latest skin from Dutch Touch, currently available in 4 tones for members of the VIP
group to purchase for just 550L.  I had recently bought my first DT skin, Megan and the two skins looked similar to me, so I went for a darker tone that I think really suits the stronger features of Sterre. The nose, cheekbones and eyebrows are all a bit different to Megan, although
it was less noticeable to me in the cream tone so for Sterre I went for fudge.

Like all the recent DT releases, Megan and Sterre are sold with a basic bare face, so that you can
add your own makeups on the tattoo layer. Dutch Touch creator Iki Ikarus has created a line of
eyeshadows (13 packs to choose from) and lipsticks so that you can mix and match your looks
using the multiple layer option of viewer 2.  Included options are different cleavages (shown above) for anyone’s tastes and mole / freckle skins.

As you can see from these unedited full body pics, these skins have a nice body too, with a cute
bum and nicely done cleavage and collar bones.

Demos are free in store, and the VIP price of Sterre will surely be for a limited time. So head over to Dutch Touch and see if Megan, or Sterre will be your new face. Sterre shape is also
free for VIP group members.

Skin: Dutch Touch Sterre (Shown in Fudge) VIP price for cream, caramel, olive and fudge.
Hair: – Summer (Cynical Black)
Bikini: Zaara – Esha bikini (lime crush)

Skin: Dutch Touch – Megan (shown in cream)
Hair: – Michelle 2 (moody brown)
Bikini: Luck Inc – Ibiza Bikini (tartan)

Poses: Estetica
Shape: My personal shape.

New from – Poet and Melody halter tops

The newest releases from are the Poet and Melody halter tops. With a softly sculpted prim body and neck ties, these halters can be worn with casual or dressier styles. In the top image I am wearing the Poet halter in Thistle, Poet has a lovely soft floral pattern in 8 colour choices. Below I have on the Melody halter, Melody are solids, also available in 8 colours.

For my photo shoot I headed over to the Ode sim where photo opportunities abound, inspired by the soft florals of the Poet halter.

1. Top: – Poet halter (thistle)
Bottoms: – Rolled cargos (stone)
Earrings: Ticky Tacky – Per la Principessa (Anastasia) ❤
Hair / Hat: – Yelena  (Dramatic Red)
Skin (both images): Pink Fuel – Ember (honey) (Spring Fling)
Nails: M-Style – Perfect Hand short

2. Top: – Melody halter (teal)
Bottoms: – Trousers (black)
Bag: – Dream.catcher bag (pink)
Shoes: – Dream.booties (teal)
Jewellery: Ticky Tacky – L’Isola de Murano
Hair: – Yelena 2 (Dramatic Red)

Poses: Coming soon to Estetica

Estetica New Releases at Le Cirque!

We are excited to announce that Estetica is participating in Le Cirque De La Mode. The theme of the event is summertime/on the board walk, and we have lots of new releases there to share with you.

For starters we have 4 brand new mini pose packs priced at L$75 each and 2 new couples poses at L$50.

We also have 2 new builds (estetica: Summer House for L$100 and estetica: My Old Summer Playhouse (Pink) for L$125), and two new furniture sets with custom Estetica poses (estetica: Boardwalk Bench for L$150 and estetica: Boardwalk Cafe Patio Set for L$175)!

We also have some new dollarbies, and the previously released Oh La La Hula La pose prop set for L$10. Le Cirque De La Mode spans from June 19th through June 27th.

The newness doesn’t stop there! We also have a new pose pack out at the main store. The Voluptuous Plus Size Pose Pack, priced at L$185, was made with the curvier ladies in mind and includes 12 poses for the price of 10.

We have also set out a new in-store freebie–a face animator. This will allow you make all sorts of faces while posing for your pictures. How awesome is that?

We have lots more in store for this summer, so keep a look out! And, don’t forget to mark your calendars for the upcoming Good Shit Hunt, starting on June 26th!

Estetica at Le Cirque

Estetica Mainstore

Estetica New Releases and News!

Estetica is thrilled to announce our new release! Two new pose packs for women and one for men, available now as individuals, or in 10 packs for a substantial savings! We also have one new couple pose and a new 4 girl friends pose! Demo poseballs are available in store. All poses are copy / mod /no transfer.

Our big news is the debut of the Posers Mall at Shisei, the sim where Pose Fair 2010 was held! Estetica has a really nice large spot there, please pay us a visit! To celebrate we have a number of dollarbie poses at both locations.

Estetica! New release now in store!

Estetica has been open a little over a week and we have been hard at work to bring you our first big new release!  We have 3 new sets of poses for women, 2 for men and one new couple pose!

All of our women’s and men’s poses are available individually or as a 10 pack (for a substantial savings!)

At the store we also have some dollarbie poses, including an exclusive for members of the Lucky Chair Stalkers group.

Pose Fair is on until the 16th and Estetica has a booth there, our new releases are up there, as well as a huge stack of dollarbie poses! We have 3 items up to benefit the charity Motivation. Please check out the pose fair if you haven’t already been, there are tons of great pose makers involved.

A great idea by Adorkable Peapod (Adorkable Poses), and lots of hard work from Katey Coppola (Glitterati) has resulted in 2 amazing pose packs being created. Exclusive poses were created by Pose Fair vendors, and Katey put them together into 2 huge packs. There are 28 poses in the men’s pack and 35 in the women’s! Go to Xstreet to buy these exclusive poses, only available until the fair ends on April 16th. 100% of the proceeds will benefit the charity Motivation.

Poses by Anastasia Trefusis, Litzi Xue and AshleePSU Snoodle for Estetica